Our Location

We are located at 54 K Street SE, Ephrata, WA. From donwtown, go east on Division up the hill, the church is on the right past the elementary school.

Contact Info

We love hearing from you and welcome your calls or emails any time.


Office Hours


8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Phone: 509-754-6130


Service Times

8:00-8:50   Intercessory Prayer– Open to all -             (3rd/4th grade classroom)

9:00-9:30  Personal Prayer (in Sanctuary)


        K-6th Grade: Supervised Play & Activities

        Youth Fellowship


         Nursery (Ages 0-5)

11:15-11:30  Personal Prayer (in Sanctuary)


Every worship service we invite the Holy Spirit to join us and inspire us. 

Bible Teaching

We are committed to teaching biblical truth at every single gathering. It is our prayer that you will be touched by God's Word and convicted to live more like Jesus.


We believe the Bible gives us a clear example to live in community with one another. Here at Community Church we work hard to make sure you have the chance to do that. 


We get that being new in any environment can feel intimidating and awkward, so we promise not to single you out as a visitor. Instead, you’ll be warmly welcomed by some of the 180 people who call Community Church “home,” one of our volunteers will hand you a worship bulletin so you know what to expect during the service, and they’ll help you find a comfortable seat. During the service, you’re welcome to participate or simply observe—and that goes for the offering time, too.


What is a Sunday service like?

Each of our services include music, prayer, and teaching. Our Sunday services are more “contemporary,” with music led by a band, rather than an organ or choir.


What should I wear?

We are a church in a small town in eastern Washington, so we dress like people from eastern Washington! On a Sunday you’ll see a lot of jeans and maybe even a coat and tie on occasion. We are more interested in meeting you than caring about what you’re wearing, so come dressed as you feel comfortable!


How long is a Sunday morning service?

Our services last about an hour. If you’re visiting on a Sunday, it’s helpful to arrive a few minutes early so that you can find a place to sit. If you have children and would like them to experience our kid’s ministry, it may be helpful to arrive a few minutes earlier than that to get them checked in. After services, we have about twenty minutes for coffee and fellowship, followed by Sunday School.


What kind of people attend Community Church?

People just like you—and people very different from you, too! We’re a multi-generational church of people in all seasons of life and from all sorts of backgrounds. You’ll fit in. Don’t worry!



Sunday School classes for adults starts at 9:00 am and conludes at 9:50 am.

What about my kids?

At Community Church, kids matter! Although children are always welcome in worship, kids aged 3 to 5 are welcome to head out of the service to Children’s Church after the morning prayer for a time of fun lessons and activity for the little ones. We have Sunday School after church from 10:35-11:30 for ages 3 to 18. Nursery for tiny ones (infants through 2 years old) is available during the Sunday 9:00 service and Sunday school until 11:30. We also offer a nursing moms room at the back of the sanctuary.

Our entire Kids team, including volunteers, have completed background checks, and we have a secure check-in process to ensure your kids’ safety. We also ask that you check your children in so that they have name tags, allergy info if necessary and contact info for their adults. If you’ve never checked in before, one of our staff or volunteers will assist you.

Adult Classes

Jesus the King: Seminar in the Gospel of Mark

How do we share Jesus in a culture that is growing hostile to the Christian viewpoint? The Gospel of Mark will help us take action. Jesus is portrayed as the One with authority and as the One appointed to suffer. This class will hep us apply and share the Gospel. Are we ready to follow Jesus in our own suffering in order to share Him with a culture losing its grip on reality? We will utilize the book Jesus the King: Understanding the Life and Death of the Son of God (Keller, 2016). Purchase of this resource is optional.

Building the Christian Home: Parenting with Grace 

Parenting has a way of exposing our own story, fear, anger and sadness. These are usually followed by guilt and shame which we pass on to our children. In this environment, how do we give our kids both roots and wings, both affection and discipline, both a merciful heart and a serious view of God’s Word? We must begin at home. In this Sunday School class we will explore all the above and more. We will learn from one another how better to lead our families with grace through faith. We will utilize the book, The Gospel Centered Parent (Miller, 2015), as a jumping off point. Purchase of this resource is optional.

Our main goal is to worship the Lord.

Love God & Love Others - Jesus was clear about this. We will follow this commandment while being thankful in Worship.